Case Study: Vinyl Cold Cracking

Cold cracking is visible on the spine of this binder.

What is Cold Cracking?

Vinyl becomes hard and brittle when exposed to cold temperatures. This material may actually crack or split if knocked, dropped or hit. “Cold cracking” also can be referred to as “impact cracking.” Usually only vinyl binders are subject to cold cracking and not other vinyl products.

How does this happen?

This can happen when vinyl ring binders are left in cold temperatures for an extended period of time. The binders chill and if they are dropped or knocked when still “frozen” the vinyl may crack. Typically this occurs during the shipping process.

Cold cracking is visible on the edge of this binder.

What does The Leslie Company do to prevent cold cracking?

  • – Our warehouse is climate controlled to ensure all products that leave our facility are in quality condition.
  • – We line boxes and/or wrap with foam bubble wrap products prone to cold cracking when temperatures are drastically low.
  • – Boxes are marked with a “Fragile” sticker to alert the shipper and receiving departments.
  • – Shipments are palletized and shrink wrapped to prevent individual cartons from bouncing around and falling from the pallet.
  • – In extremely cold temperatures and various circumstances, we may delay shipments.

How can the “receiver” help?

  • – Take note and alert the shipping carrier of any visible damage to the boxes before accepting the shipment.
  • – Allow any vinyl products to warm-up to inside room temperature for at least 12 hours before handling.
  • – Open all the boxes and inspect product once it is at the appropriate temperature. In some cases, cold cracking can occur without any apparent damage to the package.
  • – Be extra careful if reshipping vinyl binders after they have been received from The Leslie Company. Cold cracking can still occur if the temperatures are cold. Please follow the same tips above to prevent cold cracking.

Regardless of the temperature, The Leslie Company wants to ensure you receive quality products. In the extreme and rare circumstance that the vinyl binders are cold cracked, please contact Customer Service who will assist you in remedying the situation.