Terms & Conditions

Price Effective Dates:
Prices are effective January 1, 2017. Prices and information, however, are subject to change without notice.

For new orders, our production time is approximately 10 working days after the receipt of your proof approval. Production time for repeat orders is approximately 10 working days after receipt of order. Price and delivery will be acknowledged after receipt of order. Contact your sales associate at once if there are any discrepancies in the acknowledgment.

Confirmation of Orders:
No verbal orders will be processed. All orders must be confirmed with a purchase order.

Policy on Overruns:
We reserve the right to ship 5% over or under on all products other than paper, the amount ordered, 10% on paper products. We will invoice accordingly. Requests for exact quantities must be specified on the original order and will add 10% to the price.

Intermediate Quantities:
Intermediate quantities will be billed at the lower quantity price.

Stock merchandise may be returned for credit upon written authorization from factory. The order must be returned freight prepaid and within 30 days of original shipment. A charge of 20% of the net cost of the order being returned will be charged for handling. Any return must have prior approval with code from factory. Some items, because of their construction, are not returnable – check with customer service.

Order Cancellation:
Orders on-hold beyond sixty (60) days are subject to cancellation. If the customer initiates cancellation, any work completed will be billable. A minimum charge of $50.00 net will apply unless cancellation is received before the purchase order reaches the order processing department.

Minimum Order:
Minimum order is $50.00 net per order.

Payment Terms:
Payment terms are net 30 days. If an open account has not been previously established, cash payment, including cost, freight and overruns, must accompany first order and will be processed when order is entered. If terms are established, Visa, Mastercard, or American Express payments will be processed upon shipment.

Shipping & Handling:
All shipments are F.O.B. factory. Under normal circumstances, anything under 200 pounds is sent UPS/Federal Express. Large weights are shipped prepaid by common carrier trucks unless otherwise specified. Unless you give specific instructions, we will select the carrier. We cannot be held responsible for arrival date of shipment. Faster shipping methods available with prior approval. Second and third party billing, handling charges will apply.

Drop and Split Shipments:
A $10.00 net charge per location is billed for drop shipments. For orders requiring shipment on different dates, please note: The entire order will be billed with the first shipment and the entire order must ship within six weeks of the first shipment or it will be discarded.

Less than Minimums:
Call factory for prices on any order for less than minimum quantity shown in the catalog.

Increase of Order Quantity:
Any notification of increase of quantity received will be treated as a separate order and billed accordingly unless no work has been started on the original order.

Combined Pricing:
When ordering a combination of different items, pricing cannot be combined.

Foreign Shipments:
Add $50.00 net for additional handling.

Freight Claims:
Shortages in the number of cartons or any merchandise damaged in transit: It is the responsibility of the consignee to file the claim. As the shipper, we cannot allow any credit, as we cannot file the claim or collect from the carrier. The legal responsibility passes from us to the customer when the merchandise is consigned to a carrier. We will gladly supply an information and/or copies of documents we may have. All merchandise should be inspected immediately upon arrival. If damage is found, contact carrier for inspection. Inspection must be made within 10 days of delivery in order to place a claim.

Prices in catalog are based on approved furnished artwork. EPS files are preferred with fonts converted to outlines. PDF files may accompany files to help layout accuracy. Call for FTP instructions.

Artwork & Copy Errors:
Customer-submitted artwork is reviewed before production and every effort is made to ensure accuracy. However, we are not liable for customer-submitted or customer-approved errors which inadvertently become part of the product.

Foil Stamping or Embossing/Debossing Die Charges:
Production-ready digital files are necessary to produce a die for foil stamping or embossing. Foil stamping dies are $30.00 net for the first square inch and $1.00 net for each additional square inch. Embossing (Deboss for Vinyl or Turned Edge)  dies are $90.00 net for the first square inch and $2.o0 net for each additional square inch. The maximum recommended square inch stamping area is 24″ for one position.

4-Color Process:
Four color process offset jobs (printed on paper, including Turned Edge) will require a  a matchproof charge of $175.00. Changes will require a second matchproof and an additional $175.00.

Ink Colors:
$30 net charge for all Pantone PMS color selection.
$50 net charge for PMS 800 Series ink selection.

Many products can be personalized with stock 12 point block type. Setup charge for personalization is $20.00 net. Cost for imprinting 1-99 names is $1.50 net each. 100 or more names is $1.25 net each. Submit a list of names that have been typed and proofed.

Copy and Color Changes:
Add $60.00 net for each silk-screen or offset copy change.
Add $15.00 net for each vinyl or poly color change.
Add $15.00 net for each vinyl or poly ink color change.
Add $15.00 net for each foil color change.

Proof Charges:
First E-mail PDF Proof: No charge
Second E-mail PDF Proof: $30.00 net
Third E-mail PDF Proof: $45.00 net
First Fax Proof: No Charge
Silk-screen Skin Proof  Proof: $75.00 net each
Ink Swatch Proof: No charge
Matchproof: $175.00 net each
Vinyl or Poly Pre-Production Proof: $150.00 net each
Paper or Turned Edge Pre-production Proof: $350.00 net each
Poly Box Pre-Production Proof: Call 800-255-6210 for quote

Rush Charges:
Minimum rush charge of $250.00 net, or 20% of total order whichever is greater. Contact customer service for approval.

Rights to Promotion:
We reserve the right to use any products we produce in our advertising unless you specify otherwise in writing at the time of order.

Limitation of Liability:
The Leslie Company and sellers shall not be liable for direct, indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damages upon breach of warranty or contract, negligence, strict liability or any other legal theory. When orders are manufactured to customer’s specifications, the purchaser agrees to assume any liability resulting from actions or demands brought against the printer for patent or copyright infringements.

Copyright Notice:
The information in this catalog/website, unless otherwise noted, is the property of the printer and may not be reproduced without written permission of the printer. The Leslie Company products are made in the U.S.A. The imprints shown in this catalog/website are the property of the organizations they represent. They are intended to illustrate our capabilities, and are not an indication of any endorsement. All prices shown are in U.S Dollars.