Product Focus: Document Holders

Vinyl Portvelopes

What Is It?

A portvelope is a vinyl envelope with a flap or zipper closure. They are great document holders that keep materials clean and protected despite frequent handling. Pick between clear or opaque vinyl materials. Silk-screening makes this product easily customizable.

Who Uses It?

- Title/Escrow Companies for closing documents.

- Tax Accountants / CPAs for individual tax returns.

- Attorneys for estate planning or contracts.

Document Jackets

What Is It?

These document jackets are ideal for documents that need to be viewed and protected. The outside opaque vinyl can be easily customized with silk-screening or foil stamping. The .008 ga clear inside vinyl is long lasting and will keep documents safe.

Who Uses It?

- Insurance Agencies for auto insurance documents.

- Auto Dealerships for vehicle warranty and service history.

- Rental Companies for contracts, polices and procedures.