Templates for Turned Edge Binders

Some of our most popular templates are available below. Click the desired thumbnail to download the PDF art template. Don’t see a match for your project? Contact Customer Service!

Templates will open in a new window.
Please place the template on a layer in your artwork (do not embed the die line in your final artwork).
Do not alter the size of the template – if a custom binder size is required, please contact customer service for assistance before setting up your artwork.

11″ x 8.5″ + .5″ Extension Sheet Size
Grooved Flat Spine Templates:

.5″ Capacity Round Ring TE0001

.75″ Capacity Round Ring TE0002

1″ Capacity Round Ring TE0003

1″ Capacity Angle D Ring TE0004

1.5″ Capacity Round Ring TE0006

1.5″ Capacity Angle D Ring TE0007

2″ Capacity Round Ring TE0009

2″ Capacity Angle D Ring TE0010

2.5″ Capacity Round Ring TE0012

2.5″ Capacity Angle D Ring TE0013

3″ Capacity Round Ring TE0015

3″ Capacity Angle D Ring TE0016

Euro Flat Spine Templates

1″ Capacity Straight D Ring TE0076

1.5″ Capacity Straight D Ring TE0079

2″ Capacity Straight D Ring TE0082

2.5″ Capacity Straight D Ring  TE0085

3″ Capacity Straight D Ring TE0088

.Euro-Rounded Spine Templates:

.5″ Capacity TE0018

75″ Capacity TE0019

1″ Capacity TE0020

1.5″ Capacity TE0021

2″ Capacity TE0022

2.5″ Capacity TE0023

3″ Capacity TE0024